Where are your girls located?

They are located in Bangkok

Can the escorts come to my home

At present we only send the girls to central hotels in Bangkok

How long does it take for the escort to arrive at my hotel

Normal time is 40 minutes to one hour

I am traveling outside of Bangkok can the ladies come with me

Yes of course, please check our rates for this service

How do I pay for the service

Cash as soon as they arrive at your hotel

Do you take credit cards

At present NO, but we are working on that service

What happens if I don’t like the girl when she arrives at my hotel

Pay the escort a cancellation fee of 1,000 B and we will do our best to get another one out to you.

Are the pictures of the girls real

100%, we pride our selfs on delivering the girl you chose

STD & HIV tests, do your girls have these tests

Yes every month

Is the price quoted on your rate page all in service or are there extras

The price quoted from our web site is the only price you pay, there are no hidden charges

Can I talk with the escort before she arrives

No, we never give out contact details of our escorts

Can I have more than one girl

Yes of course, please check our rate page

Can there be more than one guy in the hotel room

NO, one girl one guy. If there are more than one guy in the room then the girls will leave at once

Can I take the lady out to dinner or for cocktails

Of course you can, please check our rate page for the hourly costs

Can the girls come and see me without protection

100% NO